Mars in Gemini gives a hand to Mercury Retrograde in Aries & vice versa for us to get our thinking right!

It is FRIDAY!!! Overthinking things lately??? I have felt like that… Have you? Well with the entry of the Sun in Taurus and the Energy of Action coming to rescue ideas!!! We can help ourselves. Taking it easy and with communication.

Sun invites us to be in contact with nature… and Mars is giving its hand to Mercury and vice-versa to get our thinking right!

It is time to find someone you trust who will listen to you to see how you can give shape to an idea that you have had in the past…this person can be your little brainstorming friend!

Mercury Rx (close to earth) moves to Aries (sign ruled by Mars in Astrology) today April 21, 2017 and Mars moves to Gemini (sign ruled by Mercury) or said in another way both are helping each other from each other’s home for us to be alert and communicate!

Mars in Gemini is mental energy with quick eyes & Mercury close to Earth in Aries invites us to self-reflect … How can I find courage to start an idea, a plan, a thought…

On May 3 Mercury stations direct but takes time to gets to its normal speed (shadow direct period) on May 21 is back to normal  I am running a workshop about Relationships with insights on how to boost the way we relate taking advantage of Jupiter in Libra direct from June 10, 2017!! Do you live in Sydney? Here are the details of this insightful workshop 

Relationships and the breeze from Jupiter in Libra

9.30am to 1.30pm

Sunday 21st May, 2017

Awareness Institute

1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest, Sydney


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