Mars in Gemini & Jupiter in Libra are chatting for us to talk with assertiveness to grow

Conversation with assertiveness to grow is in the Air with Mars in Gemini chatting with Jupiter in Libra. This beautiful harmony in our sky offers the door for positive mental action between mates.

But also Mars in Gemini is forming a challenge relationship with Neptune in Pisces boosting creativity and stimulating mental fantasy.

These two relationships that Mars is having in our sky is great for designing, visual and graphic arts as well as for writing stories. However we need to be careful not to be too idealist and work with our expectations so we avoid dissatisfaction.

This combination can create high expectations that lead to strong competition too… But the idea is more to about sharing ideas in a friendly gathering to grow. It is true with Mars that competition drives success, but we should still be about sharing ideas, with respect and integrity.

I love this quote from the song-writer Matt Wertz that expresses clearly the message from Mars this week:

“When a friend puts out a new album and it’s really great, it makes you want to do something that great and it makes you get yourself in gear. It’s healthy competition that helps make some great music”.

‼️Sydney people join me on May 21 at 9:30 to improve ways to relate with others. Do you know were Jupiter is travelling in your birth chart in 2017? Come along to “Relationships and the breeze of Jupiter in Libra” where I will talk about different times Jupiter has been in Libra highlighting global trends, what message Jupiter in Libra brings to you as well as different one-on-one type of relationships to improve relationships in your life.

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Cheers Cecilia




Relationships and the breeze from Jupiter in Libra


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