Mars & Pluto support transiting in earthy signs for us to overcome fears…

Mars & Pluto are flowing together in an earthy harmony!!! Pluto and Mars like each other. They know how to go deep and find the origin of any problem… Great energy to work with our fears… to get confident working with the core of ourselves.

Remember we have been invited to work with our wounds since Venus Re-entered into Pisces at the beginning of this week, Venus is  getting closer to healer Chiron and now with the support of Mars and Pluto in harmony we can connect with our soul… We are not talking to make our ego strong…  we are talking to be in contact with our soul.

To really heal any wound we need to identify the cause of it… We can take the journey and figure out why we compare ourselves to others…what we crave for?  It is because we see in the other what we have but we are not conscious of it… well we can find the beauty within ourselves.

“If you enter the dark side of life, and come through it, you emerge with more strength and passion”. Nicole Kidman

Have a great day

©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson



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