Mars & Saturn challenge to remember nothing is given and everything must be earned

Mars & Saturn – October 7-18, 2017

MARS represents the physical action of going to get what we want, and in Virgo is analytical energy like “fitness or efficiency of our mind”. This week Mars is challenging wise SATURN, that has been transiting Sagittarius inviting us to question ourselves?
We may feel we are under an evaluation✍️… and we need to determine our own level of skill in specific contexts according to where this challenge is happening in our birth chart!
However as we all are on this boat in one way or another…
We need to plan basing it on a realistic assessment, working with our goals or objectives at the moment! Remembering that under this challenge
✔️perseverance and
✔️organisational skills are the key to integrate both energies!   
Jupiter ? jumps into Scorpio tomorrow October 11, 2017 @ 12: 42 am to bring light to challenges!!!
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