Mars & Venus support each other from each other’s homes

Mars & Venus have handed each other the keys to their homes:  This morning Mars gets ahead of Venus and moves to Taurus (Venus’s home) and Venus who stays in Aries (Mar’s home) in Retrograde boosting its confidence.

Mars is in Venus’ sign and Venus is in Mars’ sign = Mutual Reception. Mars is grounding the energy in our sky as it is mainly Water & Fire at the moment. However they need to learn from each other because Mars does not like Taurus too much because of the patience and tranquillity required (he prefers action), and Venus can be a little bit impatient in Aries…

But it may work financially if Venus controls its impulsiveness in relation with expenditure and lets Mars make the money… Mars in Taurus is not afraid to work for what he wants, and he is patient to achieve his goals +can control the risks that Venus may want to take investing… In a way it is safe to swap and let Venus get clear of what she wants while she is in retrograde mode in Aries until April 3rd,2017 when Venus will retrograde in Pisces smiling to Mars in Taurus until April 21st when Mars moves to Gemini!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

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