Mercury in Aquarius is bringing ideas for our change ahead…

The Moon in Sagittarius craves for knowledge and we may feel a need to answer emotionally questions over all when makes contact with Saturn (reality check) forms harmony with Uranus (awakening intuitive awareness) and with Jupiter in Libra to expand knowledge by cooperation… But before all that the Moon harmonises with Venus in Aries suggesting that answers are held in our hearts.

The Moon ? in Sagittarius ♐️is heading to meet Saturn and activates the opposition between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra that is one of the strongest themes for 2017.

Our emotions are questioned… We feel like going to the next level in whatever we are working at the moment…
Well Mercury in Aquariusis smiling with the ruler of this extraordinary zodiac sign (Uranus in Aries– the awakener!!!) andMercury in Aquarius is also harmonising with Jupiter in Libra. What a fantastic day to follow curiosity.
Remember to select your thoughts
that will answer the emotions to feel secure in your reality but opening
your mind to listen to suggestions…
You never know what the wild card of Uranus
can bring… It can be a good surprise.

“I really look for asking myself that question, “Oh my God, how am I going to do this?” That’s what I aspire to every time I take on a new role. Emily Blunt – A Piscean born with Sun in Pisces & Mercury in Aquarius in harmony with Uranus.

By the way Emily Blunt was born on February 23, 1983 So she has Venus a 0 degrees of Aries in her chart.

This year Venus is taking a long journey in Aries and also will go back into the last degrees of Pisces… this is a theme that takes until June… Venus is pointing to an area of your life to focus your self-worth and assertiveness to take action aligned with your heart.
Highlighting Self-Value w/Venus & Mercury
Is your star sign Libra or Taurus? Well this is important for you as Venus is the goddess of love and rules your star sign! With Venus in Aries you are called to love yourself more...
Also if you are a Piscean born with Venus in Aries you need to integrate these energies to get what you deserve. Check out the dates below and may be your birthday falls on this dates:
1961 Feb 19 – Mar 20 / 1962 Mar 11 – 21 / 1964 Feb 19 – Mar 6 / 1967 Feb 24 – Mar 21 / 1969 Feb 19 – Mar 20
1970 Mar 10 – Mar 21 / 1972 Feb 19 – Mar 6 / 1975 Feb 23 – Mar 20 / 1977 Feb 19 – Mar 20 / 1978 Mar 10-20
1980 Feb 20 – Mar 5 / 1983 Feb 19 – Mar 20 / 1986 Mar 10 – 20 / 1988 Feb 19 – Mar 7 /
1991 Feb 23 – Mar 18 / 1992 Feb 19 – Mar 20 If yes, 2017 is a year for you to boost your courage!!!
Venus was in Aries for a long period (including a retrograde period travelling behind the Sun and close to earth) in 1961, 1969, 1977, 1985, 1993 from February until June just like Venus will do this year. ? Were you born around these times?
Are you Aquarian born with Venus in Pisces?
or Pisces with Venus in Pisces?
???you would love to come along to ???

When? March 25 from 9:15 to 1:00 pm @ Awareness institute (Sydney) to travel with Venus …

The workshop is just $60 including your
Birth Chart Snapshot artistically printed to frame it.

On enrolment please email Cecilia to provide your birth details (date, place and time of birth) for a birth chart snapshot to make the most of the workshop and personalise your experience on the day.

For more information please click this link send me an email for more information


I hope you can make it! See you on March 25, 2017

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