Mercury in Cancer is very busy in our sky stimulating our intuition…

We need to be careful with our words… Take time to organise our thoughts before we talk. WHY? Mercury, the planet associated with our rational mind is travelling the sign of Cancer hand by hand with Mars – the warrior…

We need to be alert with our hunches that stimulates our intuition to act when we feel is right!!! But also Mercury is having the support from Neptune in Pisces for that reason we need to

“By setting our motivation strongly in the morning when our mind is fresh and clear, we are much more likely to remember it during the day and act with that intention.”— Dalai Lama

The Moon in Virgo helps to ground the energy (I explained that yesterday – check my previous post).

But also Mercury in Cancer in harmony with Neptune in Pisces is a very artistic energy!!!

Here is an example:

Paul Gauguin was born in Paris on June 7, 1848 @ 10:00 am – With Gemini Sun &  Moon in Virgo. Mercury is a KEY PLANET in his birth chart  and Mercury was in Cancer forming a beautiful harmony with Neptune in Pisces boosting his imagination!!!

He was a leading Post-Impressionist artist. I love his colourful painting!!!  His work was influential to the French avant-garde and many modern artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse Unfortunately his art became popular after his death…

I think his visits to Panamá, Martinique and Tahiti filled up his imagination with the Caribbean Summer colours.

Here is his painting La Orana Maria / English Title: Hail Mary /  Year: 1891

Paul Gauguin is known for works in which dream and reality co-exist  (MERCURY & NEPTUNE IN HARMONY) Look at the painting

Gauguin transforms the Christian figures of Virgin Mary and Jesus into a Tahitian mother and child. Two other women, with an angel by their side, bow to the mother and child in respect. La Orana Maria has since been considered among Gauguin’s best paintings.

Have a fantastic Day

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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