Mercury in Capricorn in Shadow until January 28, 2017

Until January 28, 2017 we must be alert connecting pieces of information on our way, with Mercury in Capricorn direct but still taking its own speed (Mercury Period in Shadow).

The energy of Mercury in Capricorn is focused on getting involved in a practical manner with the useful information. But an effort is required to solve some puzzles. Here are a couple of examples for you to understand what I mean:

  1. During Mercury in Retrograde in the last week of December 2016 I made some changes in a software program to print some information. Then when I wanted to re-set it again I could not find the original features that I like to work with. Last weekend with Mercury now direct making some other changes in the software for another client I got it work perfectly…
  2. On January 8th 2017, Mercury went direct and it was the Golden Globes but due to a satellite communications problem in my area I missed it. But my son showed me Jimmy Fallon’s introduction to the Golden Globes – a very nice musical … really original… it had all the shows that I particularly like. Well yesterday I went to see the movie “La La Land” that won 7 Golden Globes including best actor and actress. OMG …I realised the inspiration he made was a fantastic interpretation of the original idea of the movie. Check out this movie, it’s awesome and touched everyone in my family in some way.

This morning January 18, 2017  try not to ignore any message that comes to you as the Moon in Libra challenges Mercury in Capricorn… We need to remember that any information may be important in our process of closing a period. Look out for small details …it might be something light and that you don’t think is important…as Mercury in Capricorn might overlook it…overall with the Moon in Libra until Friday morning January 20, 2017 . Have a great day and try to keep cool and smile getting in tune with the Moon in harmonious Libra trying to forget the heat…. Don’t forget to check all MoonCalendar2017’s promotions for St Valentine’s day not only for couples but also for singles and also the personalised PROMO including a Beautiful Snapshot of your Birth Chart.  Please check them all out!

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