Mercury is changing its speed travelling in Virgo – Shadow Period… and Moon & Venus connected with its energy = rational sky

With Mercury changing its speed travelling in Virgo… and Moon & Venus connected with its energy, WE NEED TO open our heart, calm our mind and connect to our intuition to be able to recognise a treasure moment that can lead our path!!!

The sky is very intellectual with Love-Venus in Gemini and the Emotional-Moon in Virgo… Both signs are ruled by Mercury – the planet associated with our rational mind… We might need to step outside and contemplate the blue sky to find the tranquility that allows us to observe and listen to our heart.

The goddess Venus in Gemini wants to relate and talk about its feelings + Venus is forming harmony with the North Node of the Moon* that relates to experiences that we need to work out to grow spiritually.

The way I see this harmony in our shy is like a blind date… But it doesn’t need to be about a love relationship… It is like a treasured moment when we recognise or see someone that can inspire us… someone who shows us where to go…

The English critic of art John Berger explains it perfectly in his book The Shape of a Pocket: “The impulse to paint comes neither from observation nor from the soul (which is probably blind) but from an encounter: the encounter between painter and model: even if the model is a mountain or a shelf of empty medicine bottles.”

Mercury is getting close to earth… in a little bit more than two weeks (August 13, 2017) it will start Mercury Retrograde. We need to prepare for the August Eclipses Season and Mercury close to Earth.

Mercury started its shadow period yesterday at the degrees that the total eclipse will occur (28 degrees of Leo).  In my birth chart Mercury at 28 degrees of Leo was opposing to my natal Saturn which is in the area of Values. I had a dream where I needed to take my jewellery with me…(incredible isn’t it? Mercury already sent me its message to think about: what do I value?

Have you started to have dream??? … That it is one of the reasons I have created a Journaling Ideas Mini-Diary with Mercury Retrograde (from August 13 – Sept 5th but I have also included the integration period (post shadow until September 20, 2017). The diary includes Astrology insights about Mercury Retrograde, tips, a beautiful mandala to connect with the Lunar Eclipse, and day by day quotes and options to work with your thoughts to cultivate the art of attention.

Organising your space, your mind writing your ‘to do’ BIG LIST for your next 2 months ahead is a good way to connect with its energy. I have created a Mini-Diary to journal ideas, messages & dreams to craft our thoughts. It starts with the Full Moon Eclipse @ 15 deg Aquarius and then Mercury Retrograde from Aug 13 – Printed and sent to your home (Australia only) with your birth chart snapshot highlighting on it what areas you need to focus on for just $22

“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.” C.G. Jung

Mini Diary to Journal Ideas

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