Mercury moves to Aquarius – February 7 to March 14, 2017

We may feel the day different than the evening as the Moon and Mercury will change after 6:00pm tonight. This morning we need to be gentle with ourselves as the Moon faces Saturn in Sagittarius inviting us to get focussed with our tasks and things to do. Well in a way I understand the Universe because we are heading to a Lunar eclipse on Saturday and if we really want our intentions to blossom we need to work on them!! And how will be the change this evening???

  • Mercury is travelling its last hours through Capricorn offering certain urgency (29 degrees – Anarectic degree) for us to complete some projects to free our mind for the next energy that will start tonight with its move to Aquarius@ 8:36 pm!!! Mercury likes to be in Aquarius because it is free to create ideas stimulating original ways of thinking! The energy becomes social and allows us to present our ideas verbally or in writing to contribute to a good cause. There is a healthy respect around us but only if we put in effort to earn it.  We have Mercury in Aquarius until March 14th, 2017
  • This evening @ 6:03 pm, our beautiful Moon arrives home – sign of Cancer. The Moon here acts naturally nurturing and caring… We can feel sensitive and we must connect with our feelings in order to understand the mood swings that may exist when someone special does not nourish us the way we would like. The Moon moves quicker so we have until Thursday at 8:41 pm when it will change to Leo.

Please note that the Picture was sent from my good friend in Melbourne who was born with the Moon in Cancer and I think it is perfect to welcome Mercury in Aquarius!

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Have a beautiful day! © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson



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