Mercury – Pluto Challenge

The Moon in its transit will challenge Mercury in Aries which gets bored with people that don’t give an opinion… Having a decisive mind without creating an argument is the way to handle our morning today… The Moon will meet Pluto this afternoon and it will show us a bit of the energies that are developing in our sky with Mercury passing through Aries challenging Pluto inviting us to make more assertive choices.
Be alert; be assertive in the spirit of standing up for what you value… But keep the wisdom that represents Pluto in Capricorn… Challenges are the ones that make us move forward.
In the eyes of Mercury stimulating others with quick wit, it is possible to bring up something undiscovered… Remember that Venus is occulting everyday more and more until it meets the Sun on Saturday March 25, but before that we need to
BLOW AWAY THE COBWEBS to develop an assertive way of thinking.
“Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge”
Don Henley
Have a great day
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
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