Mercury Retrograde April 10 – May 4, 2017 for us to Review, Reflect, Revise, Reorganise, Resend, Respond and all the words that start with “R” that relates with communication and thoughts process.

April 10 @ 9:15 am – MERCURY STATIONS RETROGRADE @ 4 degrees of Taurus 50 
? First we need to adjust our rhythm… slow down while Mercury revisits the early degrees of the sign of Taurus until April 21 @ 3:36 am when Mercury will Revisit Aries until May 4, 2017 when Mercury turns direct!!!).

Mercury, the fastest planet in our Solar System that from Mythology took the title of the Messenger of the Goddess, and in astrology is the planet associated with thoughts and voice managing information… gets close to earth 3 – 4 times a year. In 2017 it is getting close 3 times for us to review our thoughts.

This time ½ of the Retrograde Period of Mercury is in Taurus♉️ and the other ½ is in Aries ♈as I have represented in the picture. (Retrograde is an astrological term used to explain the illusory phenomenon, where a planet appears to move backwards or rotate reverse relative to how the Earth is moving. Astrology explains the event as an opportunity to review and adjust according to the energy the planet generated).

During Mercury in Rx in Taurus we should:
  • Cultivate patience and

    Don’t produce new ideas but instead

  • Bring peace to your mind
    • hosing it with
      • positivity,
      • relaxation and
      • creativity connecting with nature, and with your senses that represents Taurus…
…It is like our mind is getting tune in with our feelings as Venus is in Pisces and Mercury is in Taurus – Venus’ Land.
✔️Today April 10 is day 1 of Mercury in Rx: time to get our notepad out to start writing down ideas or things that call our attention! Don’t waste time re-thinking or try to give meaning to something that is not yet unfolding… It reminds me when we open the jigsaw puzzle box and we start to make piles with pieces that match in colour, before we actually start to make it. Here are some useful tips to deal with Mercury in Rx:
  • Have moments of Silence taking care of thoughts as much as you can to sketch ideas.
  • Meditate, swim or practice yoga or Thai chi… to go with the flow and get involved with your ideas to check up if they actually work.
  • Be attentive and check your work twice and if you delegate something then check it three times.
  • Organise your space, papers and account to make easier your days.
  • Wake up early to have extra time. BE FLEXIBLE with TIME!!!
  • Find humour in difficult moments and be kind to yourself and others if you find mistakes or you experience frustration…

REMEMBER TO: Review, Reflect, Revise, Reorganise, Resend, Respond and all the words that start with “R” that relates with communication and thoughts process.

✔️Calm your mind with some relaxing activity and start to see what the Moon will highlight with its projection of Sunlight… Full Moon tomorrow @ 22 degrees of Libra for us to reconcile with our other half… Libra is the sign of relationships – but relationships starts by getting along with ourselves… and then relate to others.
Have a great day and remember TODAY we organise our space making piles of things/little notes with post-its in our desk… to do later – to review!!!
Don’t forget to check my article about the Full Moon in Libra in 2017♥️
♥️♥️♥️♥Save the date Sydney girls!!! On May 21 I am running a workshop about relationships and the breeze of Jupiter!!! from 9:30 am to 1:30pm @Awareness Institute- Sydney Interested? ?Send me an email
For more information please check this link
Cheers Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
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