Mercury Retrograde Journal

Mercury retrograde

Journalling with Mercury to connect to your ideas for a month and a half.

Astrology terminology to explain that Mercury stops its normal direct movement (from Earth’s point of view) to start the illusory movement of Retrograde = it goes backwards = It is like a ball that stops and then changes direction.  3-4 times a year Mercury appears to be traveling backwards through the Zodiac… It is just an illusion for us to ‘garden’ our minds and to give your mind a break when it seems to be too much.

Inspire your mind to track your ideas while the messenger from Mythology, Mercury is close to Earth. 21 days to take care of your mind like a gardener does with its flowers and plants. Plus this journal covers Pre and post retrograde periods to take an inward time to connect with dreams and to put together loose ends. Mercury Rx brings a time to slow down and release stress. Mercury Retrograde Journal inspires your mind with positive affirmations, tips to deal with stress and some pages with illustrations for you to write your dreams and explore your creativity guided through the eyes of astrology. This is a Journal that offers you the opportunity to align with your mind when Mercury appears to be backwards in the Universe.

Cost $35.00 plus delivery $10.00 within Australia only. Total $45.00

Digital version is available accompanied by a one-on-one session to talk about Mercury in your Birth Chart $60.00 Send me an email to organise an appointment

Upcoming Mercury Rx Journalling times 2022-2023-2024:

  • December 2022 – January 2023. Mercury Retrograde in Earthy Capricorn offering us a time to review our rhythm of purpose. Bring an idea into a form!! Pre-order your journal
  • April – May 2023. Mercury Retrograde in Earthy Taurus offering us a time to work with our Resources. Let’s evaluate the way we create abundance
  • August -September 2023. Mercury Retrograde in Earthy Virgo offering us a time to craft ideas stablishing healthy routines
  • December 2023 – January 2024 – Mercury Retrograde in combined energies. Starts Retrograde in Capricorn and then Re-enters Rx into Sagittarius bringing hope to our visions. Bring it on!!

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