Mercury in Sagittarius autonomous until 17 December 2016

Sky News I don’t know about your day but for me, apart from being very busy, I felt the presence of Saturn with the Moon…. But after a very difficult conversation I had today… I went to check in my astrology program to know what extra is going on… And Mercury the planet associated with our process of thinking and communication is Out of Bound – Out of the sight of the Sun… this Mercury has a Loud Critical Voice.

But due to Mercury being in Sagittarius we can be loud and opinionated… Mercury will move to Capricorn on Dec 3 but will start the shadow to go retrograde on December 19th

We need to switch off thoughts that takes away our inner peace…

Connecting with our intuition under the powerful New Moon phase of the Moon we should organise our time off and from now until the Full Moon in Gemini on December 14 accommodate duties and fun during this party season to achieve our last goals before Mercury goes Retrograde.

Plus with Venus also out of the sight of the sun we may do all to keep love… We must be gentle to ourselves… Give love the first place, feeling the hope and faith that all is going to be ok!!! And prepare for the beginning of the New Year 2017 to start with fresh air!!!

I am going to talk about the energies for 2017 in a workshop on Dec 15th (Master 2017 with Astrology) and present the Zodiac Inspirations Australia Moon Calendar 2017 -Come along with a friend and take advantage of the Special promotion 2 x 1 – Includes a ?☀#MoonCalendar2017 for each of you and 2 Personalisation Kits ??

The M❤❤N represents how our soul feels ❤

The MOON during its journey through the zodiac in our sky ?makes aspects in your birth chart monthly… allowing you to be aware of who you are, what is happening to you and how to work with your potential through your emotions.

This year the Moon Calendar 2017 ☀️?goes beyond the Moon with 12 original artworks to follow the dance between Mars and Venus under the Moon light every month to warm your relationships.


Personalised Moon Calendar 2017. Christmas Special Offer includes: Snapshot of your Birth Chart (Planetary Energies at the Time, Date and Place of your Birth) + Message from your Moon Sign & Moon Phase + showing in the calendar your best dates to nurture your emotions, to plan romantic dates and business deals. – Free Shipping to any city in Australia – send me an email to



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