Mercury-Saturn to master something new in our lives! keep cool with wisdom…

The Moon has changed to Aries Collectively the sky is fiery to be positive‼️ To be strong  To LOVE ❤️and look at the future believing we can do better! However, we need to master something in our lives.

All of us are on this learning process, because we all have the Sagittarius sign in our chart… If we don’t have planets at least we have the area in our chart and with Mercury holding the hand of Saturn at the moment and for a week or more we are really invited to give the best of us… BUT it also involves uncertainty…
✔️Mercury ?is the planet associated with our rational mind and communication, but also represents youth and learning.
✔️Saturn ?️is the planet associated with discipline to consolidate and achieve goals, but also represents wisdom gained with experience.

Mercury-Saturn combination in our sky in Sagittarius (a sign that invites us to explore new territories) can bring a mental state of feeling worried because for some reason we may are experiencing something new in our lives that we don’t know 100% how to do it…

Unpredictable Uranus is giving beams to the union of these two from the initiative sign of Aries… and Mars is smiling at them to put more energy on it (from Libra – a cooperative energy) But why? Uranus represents the ability to think differently to solve problems and Marsis the action to make things happen.
We only need to keep in mind that all this is to master something in our lives; and to do that we need to ask ourselves questions to get the right direction. It means to be in contact with the process of thinking, analysis, expressing ourselves, asking questions and having a mind open to different ways of seeing reality… and this is not easy…Overall because Mercury is slowing down (Retrograde from Sunday Dec 3 and until 23) and Saturn leaves Sagittarius on 20 Dec 17 and enters into his home Capricorn for the next 3 years for us to build whatever we are initiating at the moment! We are in a big journey this year during Sagittarius Season!

Here I leave with you words of wisdom by Ghandi to help us to keep cool in our journey:

Have a positive day and a positive Sagittarius season!
Love Cecilia

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