Mercury & Venus helping each other for us to untangle an idea through sensations…

We have a great opportunity to untangle an idea with the last day of Mercury in Taurus forming a soft harmonious aspect (semisextile) with Venus in Aries the whole day. It means they are helping each other in our sky…

We need to work with our mind through direct experience just like when we have a sensation towards an idea …Connecting with our body like when something tickles us… Write down that idea without sabotaging it for development later.

“Things never go the way you expect them to. That’s both the joy and frustration in life. I’m finding as I get older that I don’t mind, though. It’s the surprises that tickle me the most, the things you don’t see coming. “
Michael Stuhlbarg

Please note: Venus will change to Taurus this afternoon @ 5:47pm and Mercury will move to Gemini tomorrow morning @ 8:16 am

Have a great day❤️
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson



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