Moon Astroguide Personalised 1 on 1 Session

If you would like to talk about your emotions through the eyes of astrology
We will talk via a Zoom session about your Moon in your Birth Chart – when you were born: date (DDMMYYYY), time and place of birth.

  • It covers your Moon Natal sign, Natal Phase, and your Moon’s relationship with your Natal Sun.
  • Place of the Moon in your Birth Chart with a message and your soul’s learning purpose.
  • Current month calendar personalised with Zodiac Inspirations stickers to know your best days to nurture yourself and wellbeing days. Plus the collective Astro-Guide of the month.

To organise an appointment please send a message to with your name and your birth details: Date (DDMMYYY), time and place of birth
Cost: AUD$30

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