Moon balsamic in Leo to write your release list to get the sun back in!

The Moon is balsamic in Leo heading up to meet the Sun early Tuesday August 22, 2017 @ 4:30 am AEDT! A 6 months cycle will start so today it is an excellent day to do our RELEASE LIST!!!
Life is about improvement and being better or doing things better every day! When I woke up and saw the reddish slice of the Moon in my window… I thought what a perfect day to RELEASE what shames us from ourselves… to empower our self and be able to embrace the eclipse and then after it: get the boost to be our best!!!
Moon in Leo invites us today to do that release in a playful way not being too dramatic… Go to the park, play and sweat your body a little bit and then you will be ready to make your RELEASE LIST using humour to look at your shadow… We all have shadows but to improve and get the light of ourselves shining it is important to have an internal conversation to release what does not let us to progress or to be better!!!
I am going to help you by naming one weakness of each Sun sign of the zodiac. Read yours and start your RELEASE LIST with that one and then it will be easier for you to continue your list!
Aries: the need to have everything immediately…
Taurus: headstrong attitude unwilling to change
Gemini: being easily distracted
Cancer: fragile mood and oversensitivity
Leo: dominating all at your path
Virgo: the need for perfection
Libra: allowing others to push you around
Scorpio: lack of trust
Sagittarius: assuming only good in the future
Capricorn: the need to control it all
Aquarius: emotional detachment to be left alone
Pisces: avoiding doing things
And remember my new quote
“Release the Umbrella to cast off the shadow…
… to let the Sun back in!” © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson – 2017
Have a lovely day
Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
Stellium Light – Astrology
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