Moon in Gemini – Last Quarter Moon Phase – Reflection time!

Just 3 weeks ago we had the eclipse and New Moon in Leo. How have our intentions developed since then??? We now may have more than 1 idea we would like to develop within the next 6 months.

The New Moon in Virgo is next week Sept 20, 2017! We should take advantage of the Moon in Gemini today Sept 13, 2017 to reflect about the chances that are on the table... looking at the potential to be plant next Wednesday.

Think and analyse our present: what is going on? What messages and signs is the road telling us to take? And start to write ideas keeping in mind that sometimes we only can make a small change one at a time and then wait for the energies to unfold to make more…

The Moon gets a nice support from Jupiter this evening sending a breeze of positivism to our visions!!! Keep in mind that 3 weeks ago, the eclipse only opened a new door that is leading us to a new path…

Faith is crucial to be on this journey but it’s important to take time to be sure that we are looking ?where we’re goingas Mercury invites us to think and analyse and the Moon communicate with others to see how they are doing and then find clues for ourselves.

Metaphorically remember that if you feel frustrated draw some roads or lines and write the possible destination each road is taking you

The Emotional Moon

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