Moon in Leo + Venus & Neptune in Pisces = Romantic Weekend

January 14-15, 2017 as I said in my Zodiac inspirations Australia Moon Calendar we have a romantic weekend with the Moon in Leo and the Union between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Creative energy to Love…  to feel happy!!!  The secret to having a great day is to GIVE as well as we RECEIVE LOVE from others.

Leo and Pisces are really different energies not only because of the element (Leo is Fire & Pisces is water) but also the way they operate… Leo is a fixed energy that wants to take charge and Pisces is a mutable energy (adaptable) which will go with the flow… and Leo is ego and Pisces is the oneness consciousness.

We need to control our need to be pleased and be treated as a Queen or King and remember that our partner, our children or the person we are spending the day with also want to be treated as a Queen or a King!!!

Let’s follow the Law of Giving from Deepak Chopra


If LOVE is what you seek offer LOVE

IF you crave material affluence help others become prosperous”.

Take advantage of St Valentine’s Day Promotion:

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