Moon Pisces & Sun in Virgo asking us to find the connection between our dreams and the tangible world to make them happen.

This morning the Moon is still in full phase in Pisces challenged by Saturn asking us to be realistic with what we can do and what we cannot do with our dreams.

It is like the picture…. We need to clean the window to see clearly out there.  Pisces represents our internal world that connects with the faith and with our unconsciousness… oneness… The beautiful wold that contains magic inside of us… But we need to remember in a full moon that there is a need for balance of energies and the Sun in Virgo (the other side of the equation) reminds us that there is a need for a body, that there is consciousness… and we need to find the connection between our dreams and the tangible world to make them happen.

The Universe is holding this Full moon under the energies of ‘helpers’:

  • Jupiter, the planet associated with our beliefs and expansion and, Saturn, the consolidator through discipline are in a friendly a relationship in our sky helping us to keep positive at the same time we are realistic with our goals.
  • Plus we may see an old idea that suddenly has a chance to work out this time due to Mercury and Uranus’ fire flowing in the sky.

It is really important to write down our thoughts and be aware of our real options. Be alert to synchronicities and connections. Talk to people and share points of view… The more people helping you spot opportunities the better.  Ask for the opinions of others too, they may have good advice.

If you feel overwhelmed…  Remember the sense of pride you felt at something you have achieved. It is easy to forget the good we are. Being able to visualise the best of us and moments of satisfaction will give us the confidence required to keep our dreams alive!!! © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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