Moon in Sagittarius is busy in our sky – December 28, 2016

Since 7:00 am our emotions may have been busy trying to address energy to start the day… overall people born with the Moon in Sagittarius will feel this the most. But collectively we are all influenced by this: the Moon is at a crossroad.

The Moon is with Saturn in Sagittarius = we may feel overwhelmed with so much to do after this Christmas Break… We are back to reality for the next 3-4days realising how much we have to do before the year ends on Saturday 31…

But we may decide to get in tune with the energy of excitement that is offered by the Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Uranus = doing something different that gives us the satisfaction of a new experience.

But also the Moon in Sagittarius will harmonise with Venus in Aquarius inviting us to catch up with some friends for lunch!!!
The Universe is also offering us time to create something beautiful, to practice an activity that connects our mind with our dreams… as Mercury in Retrograde – representing our mind – is forming harmony with Neptune – the planet associated with fantasy, dreams and spirituality!

Remember we are preparing for the New Moon in Capricorn tomorrow December29, 2016 @ 5:53pm. I will write my thoughts tomorrow morning about the last New Moon of 2016 to reset our emotions to plant our intentions… Have a great day
©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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