Moon in Sagittarius + Sun in Aquarius = Friendly energy to be positive

“You never know when a moment and few sincere words can have an impact on a life”. Zig Ziglar–

The time to keep secrets is gone and now we have the energy to be up front and positive !!!

The Moon has swiftly moved to Sagittarius injecting enthusiasm & optimism and is smiling at the intellectual Sun in Aquarius… to start our day with creative spirit and to expand our knowledge and see a big picture ahead of us!

To think the best comes naturally for people born with this combination … With the soft harmony the luminaries are forming this morning we can take the extra step to learn to be more positive. Here are my three tips to be more positive:

  • I have experienced that when you smile at someone the reaction is to get a smile back. My husband says the same works with dogs!
  • When you focus on the good aspects of any situation it becomes pleasant.
  • Humour is the way to turn negative attitude to a good one. My youngest child imitates accents… I guess as a result of having a mother with a strong Spanish accent. Since he was little when I got angry he respond back to me with a funny Spanish accent and he has taught me how to take life with humour and deal with difficult situations turning them around in a way so that I can get the benefit of it! Remember positive emotions are contagious. If you feel good you chances are to get people around you feeling good!!!

So let’s smile at people today and take a joy journey that can end better if we keep the friendly energy alive.

Have a nice M??N Day

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