Moon in Taurus and Venus is flowing with Jupiter to pamper ourselves & say I love you!

July 19, 2017 – What a fantastic day to take care of ourselves and Self-Love and to Love ❤️ plus to boost our creativity An opportunity! To recover from a broken heart ?… This is a very romantic ?energy to expand and tell someone “I love you” ?

Maybe give each other a neck massage… The body parts ruled by Taurus: our neck throat including vocal chords and blood circulation. The Moon will be in Taurus until 5:32 pm – HERE is an idea for your lunch break: pamper our neck with oil with chamomile, have a chamomile tea and release tension!!! With this winter remember to cover your neck from the wind and the cold with a beautiful scarf. Best colours for Taurus are pink & light green.

we all should give ourselves a gentle massage while we are telling ourselves: “I am loved and accepted for who I am” You will feel good after it.
Under the Last Quarter  Moon Phase in the Earthy sign of Taurus  ♉️ Good energy to prune our plants, work with the details with we have been procrastinating and finish it. Make changes and restructure our plans… Do your to do list and make a conscious commitment to complete them. WE ARE CLOSING A CYCLE! New Moon in Leo is on Sunday 23, 2017
Mars and Uranus are still in tight challenge… Keep practicing YOGA and connect with the beautiful harmony between Venus and Jupiter?✨❤️ ‼️

I have written my  thoughts about Relationships ??with the breeze of Jupiter ? in Libra to expand and improve our relationships. Check out my new E-book about relations that I am sure you would love!!!

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