Moon in Taurus in Waxing Crescent phase to pamper ourselves

There should be a beautiful curly slice of the Moon coming out in the evening of March 30 – 31, 2017.
We all are feeling the change of the Moon from energetic Aries to Serene Taurus… isn’t it.

The Moon has changed to sensual Taurus very early this morning inviting us to put some water and soil to our seeds just planted on new Moon. Also The Moon in Taurus invites us to pamper ourselves keeping things simple and eliminating energy drains… I have been swimming everyday no matter even if it is raining or not. I am following my own advice of doing something I really like during Venus in Rx!!! How are you doing with your list?

But also this combination of Crescent Moon + Earthy Moon are the best combination to pamper our self…to cut our hair helping to grow our hair slowly but strongly. Did you know that during the autumn months we lose more hair??? The body holds on to hair to protect the scalp against the summer’s midday sun. In Autumn it sheds!

However we cannot forget that Venus is Retrograde and Venus is associated with our appearance. it’s not a good time to change appearance. Having a change in colour or a bad haircut can be emotionally disturbing…
BUT we can trim the ends to make our hair stronger!!! Look good and feel better!!!

Have a great day
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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