Neptune in Pisces in April 2017 is navigating by its own unless contacts the Moon…

Neptune is going its own way – navigating through Pisces until the end of April!!!  The Blue planet is not making aspects with other planets at the moment… It means it is not having a conversation… It is navigating its own waters (Neptune rules Pisces). BUT Neptune will make contact only with the Moon when it is in travelling in water or earthy signs…

We have a wonderful time to inspire ourselves connecting with our imagination. I love the way the astrologer Steven Forrest define Neptune: “Neptune is the window through which consciousness peers at cosmos – and through which the light of the cosmos pours into us.”

Today April 12, 2017, at 8:42 am, the Moon moves to Scorpio (water sign)  inviting us to connect with our deepest feelings… and the Moon will start to flow with the compassionate energy of Neptune for us to work with our inner self… Neptune in contact with the Moon touches our hearts…

For example: Robert Helpmann – the Australian dancer, actor, theatre director and choreographer – was born on the 9 April 1909 with Moon in Scorpio forming harmony with Neptune in Cancer. People recognised his illusory nature of his artistry. He created characters that went beyond imitation entering in the fantasy world… very characteristic of the relationship between Moon and Neptune harmony in the natal chart.

But the energies of Neptune are also related with chaos, escapism… So WATCH THE NEWS CAREFULLY just in case it is manipulated for the fantasy as well as everything around yourself… But definitely we have until the end of this month to stimulate the imagination and the fantasy to brush our dreams… to work with compassion with our heart… and clean our windows to find peace within so much chaos in our world at the moment.

Have a nice day

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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