Neptune Retrograde for us to resonate with our inner world.

#VenusDay We are under the energy of the sensitive Moon in Pisces inviting us to put ourselves in the other’s shoes… to sympathise and help them… to be more gentle. Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with compassion, the unconscious, our dreams and our spiritual side.

Each planet in our Natal Chart has a function in our life and so it happens with humanity as a society that advances and grows.

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung who studied the unconscious and in turn studied astrology, like Sigmund Freud, made many studies about dreams and their relation with the unconscious. The reason why I emphasize this issue today is that Neptune begins its retrograde period in our Universe …

Neptune retrogrades (Rx), that is to say, it approaches our planet inviting us from today to reflect on our dreams. Today June 6 Neptune Rx @ 14 degrees 16 min of Pisces and will go back up to 11 degrees 28 min of Pisces when it stations direct on November 23, 2017

The best way to connect with its energy is through meditation, yoga and any activity that frees our mind from rational control; like any artistic activity either by reading or writing poems… or something romantic that touches our soul; listening to a piece of music that relaxes us and admiring a painting, a sculpture or any piece of art that transports us …
Neptune is the ruler of the waters of the sea in Roman mythology and its equivalent in Greek mythology is Poseidon. Neptune has a one rod ending in three points = Trident. Each tip or tooth of the trident represents a part of the human being: mind, body and soul. The idea with Neptune in Retrograde is to unify them connecting with the part of us that is in the unconscious that belongs to our soul. When 2 people fall in love the romantic energy of Neptune is present … It must be why they say that love is blind … Because it rules our unconscious.

Join me for my intimate workshop about ECLIPSES in August 2017 and how they stimulate us collectively to find our sense of belonging through our unique light! We will cover the Lunar Nodes shift to the axis Aquarius/Leo. I will also cover MERCURY RETROGRADE in analytical Virgo to craft our ideas and make a change aligning ourselves with its energy. Each participant will get their personalised message form August Eclipses & Mercury in Retrograde so that each participant can experience the portal that opens in an area of their lives. (mini-reading from your birth chart) For this personalised message your birth details are required (time, date and place of birth) ahead of the workshop event.

Happy weekend!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

Eclipses & Astrology August 2017 – A Turning Point!

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