New Moon 🌑♌️- 19 Aug 20 at 12:41 pm AEST – Australia

The Sun☀️ and the Moon 🌙will join at 27 deg of Leo♌️.

Let’s plant LOVE ❤️seeds on this New Moon 🌑♌️under the golden rain 💥

I checked the Sabian Symbols for Leo 27 and it says: Daybreak – The Luminescence of Dawn in the eastern sky! I got inspired with the commentary from Linda Hill

“It is a wonderful image of renewal, hope and possibility for the future. This symbol beautiful illustrates the emergence of light from night to day – there is a luminescence in the Eastern Sky. It is the time when night and day both seem no exist at the same time. There is a little of both as the stars are still visible whilst the light of the sun slowly intensifies and claims the earth”.

Let’s plant LOVE ❤️seeds on this New Moon 🌑♌️under the golden rain 💥 that illuminates us with the union of the sun and mercury in Leo that emanates energy to feel the confidence of the dawn that represents a new beginning offering us the opportunity to plant our intentions to love, to create our happiness from within.

Mercury will meet the Sun 25 deg of Leo♌️ emanating a rain of gold colour for us to create fresh and new ideas. Plus the Moon in its way to meet the Sun is harmonising with the healer Chiron early in the morning, for us to balance our emotions understanding the spiritual flow required to accept and leave any past wound to create something from our heart!

Mars 🔥with its support to the New Moon🌑♌️ from the assertive sign of Aries♈️ and in challenge with the planets in Capricorn gives us the strength to be our own boss and take control of what we want to live! Let’s unleash our spirit and with warm colours write our intentions and the actions we are going to do to achieve them.

There are no rules but I think it is important the Sun and Moon are close to each other (NEW MOON) as they are a poetic representation of the balance between dark and light, male and female, yin and yang.

I planted the seeds to meet my soulmate!

23 years ago on the New Moon in Leo back in Caracas – Venezuela, I planted the seeds to meet my soulmate!  we had a New Moon at 11 degrees 02 minutes. Both degrees light up the area of relationships in my birth chart.

I wrote a letter to the Universe (Moon Board) to attract a man that was kind, generous, who loved to read, learn and grow with me on the same path. Special request to the Universe were he had to have a musical ear so I could dance with him plus speak English because I wanted to practice my English… Everything was negotiable with the Universe except the musical ear because for me dancing brings so much happiness to my life.

I met my husband on Aug 30, 1997 (Australian) I got married and I live in Australia… and since then I have been doing my Moon Board aligned with the Universe every New Moon relating it with my birth chart!

Sending you a rain of kisses and much love
Have a Happy NEW MOON 🌑♌️❤️ Cecilia

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