New Moon in Aries with Venus – Blazing energy to boost who “I AM”

New Moon in Aries!!! Today March 28, 2017 @ 1:57PM A BLAZING NEW MOON @ 8 degrees of Aries with NEW VENUS!!! Both Moon and Venus are close to us align with the SUN bringing a PERFECT TIME to CREATE OUR VISUALISATION – our New Moon Board – creating a new beginning to take action to love ourselves more!!! Valuing our wants (Moon) and our feelings (Venus) to shine the way we are (Sun)

Mars (the boss of this New Moon @ 8 degrees of Aries) is in Taurus flowing with Neptune in Pisces… inviting us to clean the windows OF HOW TO SEE THE WORLD and INTUITIVELY TAKE A NEW DIRECTION following OUR HEART. Patience & Compassion are required to work with this spiritual support to make a firm change working our dreams and ideals make them happen.

Mercury (our mind) and Uranus (the awakener) are together in Aries!!! Powerful energy to awaken our unconscious mind… RESET our thoughts breaking up an old pattern of thinking being positive to move forward!!!
Plant intentions associated with the energy of Aries:
• Raise self-esteem & confidence. How? For example RELEASE THE TEMPTATION TO COMPARE YOURSELF. Cancel any negative thought or attack to your esteem distract your mind with a positive affirmation boosting a quality OR talent you have.
• BOOST leadership INITIATING a project!!! For example, I want to start writing The Moon Calendar for 2018!!! to inspire myself and Moon Lovers!!!
• CHANNEL PERSONAL GOALS. For example: I want to listen more carefully and maintain feedback with people positively. + I want to find time to walk in nature to feel inspired relaxing my mind, body and spirit.
• The area of our birth chart at 8 degrees of Aries where the Sun and Moon are joined indicates where we should focus our attention. Personally, for example in my birth chart the New Moon at 8 degrees of Aries falls in the area of communication, curiosity, learning, relationships with siblings, short trips and daily interactions, so I will include intentions to awaken my curiosity and be alert to my surroundings and write expressing my thoughts in a positive way to inspire others.

REMEMBER THIS New Moon within a stellium of Planets in Aries + Saturn in Sagittarius!!! Connects us with the FIRE element!! Motivation, creativity, spark and dynamic energy. Radiates optimism / spontaneity. Allows freedom of movement in mind & Body…
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Be grateful for what you have received up to now and then say thank you to the Universe for its unconditional support and Place it where you can see it every day to work with your intentions all month!!! Have a beautiful Happy New Moon in Aries!!! Blessings Cecilia

Note: Time is given for NSW, VIC and Tassie. SA (- ½ an hour); QLD (-1 hour) NT (-1 ½ hour and WA (-3hours).
And the Moon and the Sun are tight together within 8 hours after 1:59 pm offering the best time for us to garden our intentions (so, between 2pm and 10pm)!!!
Blessings on New Moon☀?
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson ?

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