New Moon Eclipse in Leo to paint your Joy!!!

August 21, 2017 –  The Sun is waiting for the Moon, for the eclipse to show early August 22, 2017 at 4:30 am AEST – Australia.

The powerful encounter between Sun and Moon in Leo happens – New Moon: 

  • In company of the North Node of the Moon (mathematical point in our Universe where the orb of the Moon meets the orb of our Earth) and
  • Mars, the planet of action –  The shadow of the Moon is cast over our Earth indicating that change is coming with action for the next 6 months (the time of the eclipse determines the effect – and this one I have read will have around 3 minutes of darkness in USA… The effect can be around 3 years… ) plus
  • Uranus the planet associated with radical change is offering its support to the Luminaries… There is a flavour of unpredictable effect.  BUT Mercury is Retrograde indicating that even though we might want to take change immediately our action requires slow process of thinking and working with our ideas…

Therefore we should plant long term intentions under this powerful New Moon and then keep hosing them just like the gardener… But what must not wait is to paint every day our joy, feeling life is worthy to live including its challenges.

Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring at the last degree of Leo we will have a short time to plant our intentions under the Leo energy… from 4:30 – 6:25 am when the Moon in New Phase will change to the sign of Virgo. Usually we do it within 8 hours and you still could, but the energy will change to Virgo. Is it good or bad? It is only a different sign and everyone has the freedom to do it at their convenience, but I will do it while the Luminaries are together in Leo and I recommend you to do the same (so early to bed tonight, to rise early tomorrow) to grasp the energy of change to welcome happiness through a new hobby, romance, being more with children or playing with your inner child more and leading your own life and joy.

  • Mercury Rx is in Virgo (the sign who offers a service) opposing Neptune (healer and compassionate planet).  It gives me the feeling that the joy you are planting for yourself should benefit others.  in a way, we all should spread our joy.

Today,  August 21, 2017, is beneficial to lower our expectations as the Moon will meet Mars around midday.  This emotional combination and within a day of the celestial event – Solar Eclipse – can be a little bit too much emotional adrenaline…  Remember to take it easy and if you feel frustration or anger let it to melt away through your back to avoid the confrontation …today or tomorrow is not healthy at all. Humour always helps pass a bitter taste… time for a chill pill.

Buy your flowers to cheer up your mood – I chose Red Gerberas, (sometimes called gerber daisies) thinking of the passionate Mars in Leo and the fire of this New Moon in Leo full of joy. Gerbera daisies show vitality and liveliness in a shape of the Sun plus they remind me of my happy and lovely wedding!!!

To get ready for tomorrow’s New Moon, buy your gold or yellow card board and colourful markers to plant your intentions and be open for the unpredictable surprises that the Universe will bring to us.

Blessings © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

If you would like to know what the eclipse brings to you

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