New Moon & Eclipse Pisces – New Moon Board

Have you planted your intentions? Every New Moon is a time to plant intentions aligned with the energy of the sign – today it is in Pisces.

✔️Magic time to heal our inner world…

✔️Bringing truth from our dreams and invisible world

✔️to find personal inner freedom to connect with peace; meet other cosmic companions that are on the same path as us;

✔️contribute to our world with unconditional love, compassion and tolerance to make our world a better place.

If you know your birth chart align it with the area of your chart where 8 degrees of Pisces falls

Lool at the picture: it is my inspiration to pass on you. Find time this morning to connect with your soul and write down your intentions. Blessings on the New Moon Cecilia Lugo-Anderson #StelliumLight

??? I am running a workshop to reconnect with Self-Values and Re-establish your inner relationship with yourself to boost self-empowerment allowing you to go after your desires. “Highlighting Self-Value with Venus & Mercury”. We’ll work through a contemporary example that will be familiar with you and then we’ll apply that to yourself. Interested?

Send me an email to for more information please visit ???Blessings on the New Moon

Cecilia Lugo-Anderson StelliumLight

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