New Moon in Aries – A New Beginning!!

Time to plant our intentions asking ourselves questions such as how “I AM”= Aries energy –  can re-invent myself and be courageous to deal with fears that we are all feeling at the moment with so much uncertainty and move forward.

This ARIES NEW MOON occurs at 4 deg close to healer Chiron; The New Moon smiles at  Saturn that just entered in Aquarius and the New Moon challenges its  nodes.


Saturn in Aquarius smiling to the New Moon = RESTRUCTURING OUR LIVING FOR A FUTURE AHEAD

New Moon challenges the Nodes (mathematical points where the orb of our planet meets the orb of the moon; and they carry information about our evolution)

At the moment: the South Node is in Capricorn and the North Node is in Cancer.

This nodes are associated with eclipses and we had one on 26 December 2019  at 4 degrees (new Moon in Capricorn) and we will have another in June at 0 deg. That means that we are in the middle of 2 powerful new moon eclipses that bring change. In December was when COVID19 started and now Saturn moves to Aquarius and we have social distance… Very Saturn (restrictions) Aquarius (social) but only to be able to control the problem while our world geniuses (Aquarius) are working to find a cure. Next eclipse in June will bring change – for me we will leave this situation hopefully with awaking our social consciousness! AND with the opportunity to Re-structure our world rules to have a better world. At list that is my hopeJ

But What we need to do in this present moment? Under the new moon in Aries

  • Aries talks about physical action = running around the block to deal with the stress – some because they lost their jobs and others because are working at home and their conditions have changed… Some people because they have their children at home and they need to do something with them… Do physical activities to burn stress and anxiety.
  • Aries talks about “my self” making an effort to change = this is the time to read in our spare time nurturing our mind with positive literature. Meditation; Yoga; anything that makes us better!
  • Asking ourselves questions such as How can I help? Call my elderlies who cannot receive visitors but we can give them attention with a phone call
  • Overcome fears doing things that you can have control of = For example, I am now in a part time work due to the tourism industry heavily hit. I am writing my mum’s memories and her album to pass it to my next generation. I am writing the second term of my Moon Calendar. I am organising my bookshelves!! I am walking my dog. I am giving time to my family now that I have the opportunity. YOU CAN DO THE SAME.

But remember DO WHAT YOU THINK IS THE BEST FOR YOU because Aries highlights the individual!!
Affirmation: We will leave this situation with a better world!


Blessings on Aries New Moon 🌑♈️

We will leave this situation! Blessings

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