New Moon in Taurus – take care of the garden of our lives

The Sun and Moon are joined together at 3 deg 24 min of  Taurus on Thursday 23 April @12:26 pm Australian Eastern Time.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, that represents stability (fixed) and practicality (earth) plus Taurus relates to our resources to make our own living.

The symbol of Taurus is the bull, standing placidly in the middle of grass – but also relates to the happy farmer working the soil and the gardener planting its roses. Roses that Venus loves as Venus is the planet boss of this beautiful earthy sign. 

As the Sun just moved from agile and impatient Aries getting into Taurus, it arrives tired to the ground to enjoy the well-deserved rest after so much activity. But as the Sun & the Moon meet close to Uranus, the planet of surprises and electric bolts of energy to improve ourselves, this New Moon invites us to take a risks to put new ideas to work. Mercury  who is travelling Aries offers us the opportunity to generate fresh ideas!

Taurus’ task is to use the resources to work in something that brings us ways to make our own living – So Keep this in mind when you plant your intentions in your Moon visualisation for this New Moon tomorrow.

Venus the planet boss of Taurus is in shadow travelling the sign of Gemini associated with communication and she will stop retrograde mid-May 2020. During the New Moon Venus and her lover Mars are flowing in air signs (Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius) inviting us to enjoy big picture thinking!!!

Be clever when planting your intentions and think about a greater long term good!

Also as Venus relates to our body as it is our main resource to be able to work, therefore we should write a message of Gratitude for our health and a thank you for what we have achieved up to now!

Plant a very important intention  TO VALUE OUR BEST SELF

Visualise intentions to take care of the garden of our lives to find peace and make our home a cosy place as many of us are spending most of the time here. Also, we should dedicate some time to organise our finances and, have a thought of how to release stubbornness and attachments to allow change!!!

Blessings Cecilia ©ZodiacInspirationsAustralia 2015 – 2020

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