New Moon in Leo wants to play & Venus opposes Saturn asking us to work hard…

Happy New Moon in Leo everyone!!! The young moon in Leo wants to create, play and have fun… smiling today is a good way to tune in with its energy!!! Remember the Moon is with Mars so any problem can be a real pain. Eg. a broken plate can get blown out of proportion…but it’s a plate.

In our sky there is also a tension between Lovely Venus in Gemini & Saturn in Sagittarius reminding us it is Monday… and we have a day for “to do lists and responsibilities”…but we need to find balance!

The Moon in Leo gets along with the energy of Gemini and can have a good rapport with Saturn in Sagittarius.

My recommendation for today to deal with the energies is to make your to do list as soon as you can and then look ?at it… Do the easiest task firstso you can have a smile of achievement early this morning!!!

But also remember to write something you love to do to make your heart happy

Don’t forget my new Journaling ideas mini-diary to follow your thoughts in connection with your dreams to boost creativity during the Eclipses and Mercury retrograde season Aug – Sept 2017

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Mini Diary to Journal Ideas

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