New Moon Scorpio – 31 October 2016

Happy New Moon Everyone!!! Time to plant your intentions!!!
***New Moon Vision Board By Cecilia Lugo-Anderson © 2013 – 2017***

Visualising your intentions using the Laws of Attraction and Write your intentions and goals related with Scorpio’s energy and place images that represent your visions

• Title: Empowerment or Evolution of [YOUR full Name]
• Key Words for Scorpio energy are: transformation, re-birth, healing through overcoming fears and shadows, intuition, passion, reformation, being resourceful, researching, intimacy, strong bonds, reconnection, deep commitment…

• Associate your intentions with the area of your Birth Chart where the New Moon at 8 degrees of Scorpio falls on October 31, 2016. The Sun and Moon will meet at 4:38 am NSW, VIC, & TASSIE. QLD (-1 hr) at 3:38 am. SA & NT (-1/2 an hour) at 4:08 am hour. And WA (- 3 hours) at 1:38am. Best time to make your vision time is within 8 hours following the New Moon according to the times above depending on where you are ******

• This is the second New Moon in October 2016…what a great time for a second chance!!!
Please DON’T FORGET to meditate before starting to write your intentions… Clear and clean your space + use colour markers and beautiful pictures on a lilac coloured Cardboard. Plus write your intentions using positive words in the first person present time (eg. I want to reconnect …by…).

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT this NEW MOON is with Mercury and supported by Neptune in Pisces offering to all of us (COLLECTIVELY) an opportunity to heal our thoughts; to quit a habit, overcome fears to be in charge or our own life; to merge with our passions, unleash our imagination and create strong bonds in our lives. Reflection following our intuition for evaluation… to see things as they are.
Blessing on New Moon!!!

Note: If you would like to learn more about how to do your New Moon Board every month send me an email and I will send you the workshop information I will hold in November and December with the 2017 Moon Calendar Personalisation! The Calendar is more than just a Moon calendar…it tells you how to do this activity the right way every month. The calendar is a TOOL to achieve and nurture in 2017. Keep it in mind and contact me to come along.

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