New Moon in Taurus to Visualise intention to take care of the garden of our lives

New Moon ☀?@ 6 degrees of Taurus♉️ = ENERGY TO VALUE OUR BEST SELF – Visualise intentions to take care of the garden of our lives – tonight April 26, 2017 *

New emotional cycle starts tonight in the fertile sign of Taurus for us to plant our intentions to nourish self-confidence and self-worth.

Venus the planet boss of Taurus is still in Pisces hosing our dreams…like a gardener hoses the garden. Venus at 29 degrees of Pisces is telling us Conceive your dream in your heart to plant it in the fertile soil of Taurus where the Sun & Moon will meet bringing tenacity & patience to make them happen.

We can rescue ideas giving them another look and shape them with hope and wisdom – The New Moon occurs under the harmony between Saturn in Sagittarius with Mercury Rx heading to meet Uranus in Aires tomorrow. Motivation Fuel for our intentions!!! Let’s connect with the beauty of nature and plant our intentions.

  • To Value our BEST SELF.
  • To Be in contact with NATURE.
  • To Appreciate WHAT WE HAVE
  • To Organise our Finances.
  • To Make our SPACE a PEACEFUL place
  • To Release stubbornness and attachments to ALLOW CHANGE!!!

This is the perfect time with Venus now Direct still in Pisces to CREATE OUR VISUALISATION – our New Moon Board –using the Laws of Attraction. On a green card board with Hot Pink markers write down your intentions adding pictures that represent your words!!!

*The New Moon in Taurus occurs at @10:16 pm for NSW – VIC – QLD & Tassie / SA & NT (-) ½ hour @ 9: 46 pm and / WA (-) 2 hours @ 8:16pm within 8 hours

IF YOU WERE BORN WITH Sun, Moon, Ascendant in Taurus this New Moon brings positive energies to fresh your projects. But we all have the sign of Taurus in our Birth Chart!!! In this area we are starting the long romance with ourselves… following the words of Oscar Wild “To Love oneself is the beginning of a life long Romance”?

Where is 6 degrees of Taurus falling in your birth Chart? Send me an email to to order your Emotional Moon Guidance Monthly $20 Blessings on New Moon © Cecilia Lugo- Anderson

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Relationships and the breeze from Jupiter in Libra



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