New Moon in Virgo – Sept 19-20, 2017 New Beginnings!!!

We have a condensed energy of analysis in our sky at the moment with the Moon contacting planets today September 19,2019 before it meets the Sun Tomorrow afternoon New Moon @ 27 degrees of Virgo – Sept 20, 2017

 But also with 5 planets in Earthy Signs and 4 of them in Virgo (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) and tomorrow Venus joins them… We need to avoid overthinking or overanalysing situations and thoughts… We are preparing ourselves for the New Moon in Virgo Sept 20, 2017 but also for the Spring Equinox on Saturday Sept 23, 2017… Therefore detoxing and de-cluttering our mind and our home is a must today…or at least this evening!!!

If you don’t have time to clean everything … it’s ok. Take some time this evening to organise and clean the space where you spend most of the time at home, and leave your desk at work impeccable to embrace fresh energies planting your new intentions tomorrow!!!

Today the Moon is getting the powerful energy from the planet of action (Mars) and then from the messenger from the Mythology (Mercury). Plus Mercury with the Moon will face the planet of Fantasy (Neptune)… Intuition is the key to address our mind and our actions to make magic…

Remember the word ‘magic’ comes from the old French “manique” that in Latin is “magicus”… a derivation from the Greek “magikos”: “Magic is the art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces” –

Let’s make magic with our words and thoughts to improve our lives!!!

The New Moon @ 27 degrees of Virgo on Wednesday 20th, 2017 remembers me this beautiful quote from Marcel Proust  “My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” 

Time to create new beginnings through a Moon Board Visualisation to

  • Find determination to break bad habits
  • Release perfection and embrace acceptance
  • Establish healthy routines to balance work and time off
  • De-clutter our home and Detox our body, mind and spirit!!!
  • Find a mentor or pass on our experience in a practical way
  • Set daily routines to improve productivity – to improve our skills

Be grateful for what you have received up to now and then say thank you to the Universe for its unconditional support and Place it where you can see it every day to work with your intentions all month!!!

Note: 3:29 pm is the time  for NSW, VIC and Tassie. SA (- ½ an hour); QLD (-1 hour) NT (-1 ½ hour and WA (-3hours).  The Moon and the Sun are tight together within 8 hours  offering the best time for us to planting our intentions!!! (from 3:29 pm – 11:29 pm)

Have a plentiful harvest -New Moon in Virgo!!!
Blessings Cecilia ?


The Emotional Moon


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