• The Moon is a receptor and Influences any form of living in our Planet. Collectively we can benefit from THE PHASES OF THE MOON following ITS CYCLE EVERY MONTH TO ACHIEVE GOALS WITH THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION:

    Harness the magic of the new moon by planting your intentions just like the gardener does with her seeds when the cycle of the Moon starts = Sun and Moon together in a specific time and date.  Work with the Laws of Attraction with the specific energy of a particular sign of the zodiac and where the New Moon falls in your birth chart!

    The Sun representing our inner motivation to do something that gives us satisfaction PLUS The Moon representing the way we feel, our emotions & intuition = NEW MOON

    Come along and be guided and take advantage of the perfect time that the New Moon offers to Visualise and Create your New Moon Board!

    COST: $10.00 and if you bring a friend – two for the price of one!

    After you purchase your place for the workshop please send me an email with your birth details: Date (DD/MM/YY) + Time + Place of birth to be able to tell you the personal Message of the New Moon for you! I will reply to you with an email including the link for the Zoom meeting!

    See you in Zoom !!!