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November  starts with Sun in Scorpio and on 22 November the Sun enters Sagittarius

We have 22 days to connect deep with our hunches

Recognise death is part of life

Face your shadows to merge them with our light to boost your inner power. Allow your true core to connect with passions and desires. Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus in contact with unexpected Uranus may disrupt our comfort zone pushing us to make changes.

When I was walking in Centennial Park I saw that Fig trees move their branches adjusting to changes that may occurr when another tree is growing next to them or a road was built and they could not spread their roots evenly. I felt that this is the message of the Full Moon in Taurus. We must connect to the wisdom of nature to change with the wind the Eclipse may bring.
Taurus Lunar Eclipse Message
The wind does not break the tree that bends. African saying.

After the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun, Mercury and Venus travelling the end of Scorpio flow with Neptune and then with Jupiter in Pisces inviting our imagination to design our future connecting ourselves with our dream.

Mars is Retrograde in Gemini until January 13 January. Mars got close to Earth on 31 October at 25 degrees of Gemini and 36 min = 37 degrees Gemini. Mars is the planet of action, therefore Mars Retrograde is not at its best performance as it slows us down and forces us to have patience to make action later in Mid January or at least be conscious of our actions. Gemini is an intellectual sign, it is ruled (its boss) by Mercury, the planet associated with our process of thinking. Gemini relates to our words.

Jupiter is back in Pisces and forming a wide contact with Neptune. An opportunity to let go of painful wounds and be compassionate to yourself to heal. Jupiter is direct on 24 November when we have the New Moon in Sagittarius
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