♐Sagittarius New Moon ?fills us with joy, celebration and optimism opening the road to plant intentions for 2018!

December 18th, 2017 at 5:30pm AEST we have the last New Moon ?of the year in the positive sign of Sagittarius♐, giving us the opportunity to set visionary goals. The Sun and the Moon fill us with hope to plan and write statements that relate to activities which offer us new experiences, expanding knowledge, find ideas and solutions that lead to positive results, develop optimism and self-esteem, be spontaneous trusting our intuition, planning our holidays and our travels for 2018.

The New Moon ?♐occurs at 26 deg of Sagittarius… just making contact with the Galactic Centre of our galaxy = the source of energy that feeds our Sun!!! I love the way Melanie Reinhart has told the story from the Mythology:

“The mythic origin of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is portrayed in the story of Hercules, a son of Zeus. However, as his mother was Alcmene, a mortal woman, Hercules was much hated by Hera, the first wife of Zeus. It is said that Zeus put Hercules to Hera’s breast while she was asleep, so that by drinking her milk Hercules could be assured of immortality. Hera awoke to find a suckling baby, not her own, at her breast. Angered, she withdrew her nipple, and her milk streamed across the sky, forming the ‘Milky Way’. The word ‘galaxy’ comes from the same root as the word ‘milky’ [Gk. galaxias]” As you see this New Moon is very powerful.

✴️The Luminaries (Sun & Moon at 26 deg Sagittarius) are hugged by Venus at 21 deg Sagittarius inviting us to feel free to ask what we really want and, on the other side Saturn at 29 deg Sagittarius ending its journey showing us the power of commitment to make what we want a reality. On Wednesday Saturn gets to its home Capricorn to pull up our sleeves and work hard to make things happen!
✴️Uranus at 24 deg Aries is supporting this union between luminaries with spark out of the blue opportunities!!!We need to be attentive to our surroundings!
✴️Jupiter, the ruler of this New Moon is in Scorpio injecting good vibes to our inner power smiling at transformer Pluto to be able to light the core of our lives.But, ✴️Jupiter also is supported by Neptune, the planet associated with our dreams that is travelling in Pisces… What is that deepest dream that we want to make true??? Well plant it!

✴️As you know Mercury, the planet that represents our thinking and communication is still retrograde for one week more… and it is challenging Neptune, the planet associated also with our ideals… Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces push us to question ourselves to find the way to shape our ideals… maybe it is about an old idea that needs to be reviewed…because combining it with new ones we can make it more possible…

Interestingly it is more common to have the New Moon at the beginning of each month and then have the full Moon later in the month but due to the Eclipse in August 2017, this has changed a little offering the Moon in Sagittarius so close to Christmas opening the road for next year resolutions… to fill us with joy, celebration and optimism to trust our talents looking for ways to grow…

Blessings on New Moon in Sagittarius ?♐ Cecilia



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