Saturn close to Earth

Under the disciplined Moon 🌔in Capricorn ♑️ Saturn stopped retrograde (close to earth ) from Today 11 May Saturn gets until September 2020.

Annually Saturn offers us this opportunity to check the bases of our projects and re-organise our priorities. In Astrology, Saturn acts as an inner voice that tells us what to do or not to do…as well as relating to the experience of working hard with discipline… It relates to Freud’s =Super Ego in Psychology.

As we all know plans were stopped with COVID19…however here in Australia we are releasing little by little the restrictions and we will be incorporating ourselves into the community… Therefore with Saturn close to Earth emanating wisdom to review our goals we all should check how are we going with our plans evaluating what we are able to do!

Have a lovely week – Would you like to know more about May 2020

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