Saturn & Jupiter – The Great Conjunction in Aquarius

The Moon is still in Taurus offering us a mood to rest and enjoy the simple things in life! How was your Christmas? We went to see the Sydney sky during Christmas Eve and my son took the beautiful photos I’m sharing with you! It is interesting that we did not need much this Christmas, we appreciated the opportunity to be together in good health and share time together in a harmonious way. We could not see my eldest due to the borders being closed again but Facetimed having a nice time together using technology… That is one of the themes of the great conjunction (Jupiter + Saturn together) in Aquarius = connection through technology. 

 I also have been researching information because it caught my attention about the star of Bethlehem and all the media information about these stories – I wanted to get clear. I am not a mundane astrologer… I am more interested in the evolution of the soul through astrology, but I find fascinating the mundane astrology at it requires investigation and studies of history.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius can be seen clearly

until 29 December if the weather allows!

In 1623, it was the first time Galileo discovered that Jupiter and Saturn, travelled together across the sky. Jupiter caught up to and passed Saturn, in an astronomical event known as a “Great Conjunction.” The Perth Observatory said the reason it was known as the Christmas star is that some astronomers believe it is the famous Star of Bethlehem from the Bible nativity story. But I also read that Venus needed to be involved to look so bright and seen from the naked eye.

The great conjunction has been occurring in earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) every 20-years 1820 to 2020 with a break in 1980-1981 that occurred in Libra (an air sign). We could see during the last 200 years how important capitalism has been, the exploitation of Earth’s Resources and material consumerism + the Society Hierarchy.

Before that was the great conjunction in Fire cycle (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) which started in 1602 and ended in 1820 and included the American and French revolution!

The cycle before Fire is Water cycle and corresponds to the 15th and 16th centuries (1365 – 1643) But the transition between Water and Fire had 2 air conjunctions, one in Gemini in 1385 and another in Aquarius in 1405. The cycle finally shifted into water with a conjunction in Scorpio in 1425

You can see tables of the true conjunctions going back thousands of years

During the 15th century, Renaissance ideas spread from Italy to France and then throughout western and northern Europe.  “Renaissance” means “rebirth,” and what was reborn in this period was classicism: Greek and Roman literature, art, and architecture. Renaissance thinkers, writers, and artists aimed to transfer the “glory of Rome” to Christian western Europe.

In art, a good early example is Donatello, the greatest sculptor of his time – his bronze David, triumphant over Goliath (ca. 1425): little Florence had just beaten off the goliath Milan when Donatello sculpted this.


The importance of the Great Conjunction now in Aquarius is that it occurs at 0 degrees and that means beginning + the issue that Aquarius energy is about collaboration, connection through technology, innovation as well as give value to equality and humanity.

I like what I read about Stephen Arroyo who explains as follows:

“The first ten years of a cycle are more intense, and there is a sort of winding up leading to the peak of the Jupiter Saturn opposition. The last ten years of the cycle often seem to be a winding down of the intensity, pace, and overall direction that was present in the earlier stages of the full cycle.”

I also found interesting that Jupiter and Saturn usually happen during the day. However, this year is different, as the planets are passing by closer than usual and at night, making them much more visible for the first time in 800 years.


Well we are all invited to make, create and support a new order where we will have our voice to make this world a better place. With Aquarius we are not victims of things that happen because we all have the responsibility to do and to make.

The Moon changes to Gemini 27 Dec 2020 and I will like to share my news with you.

For 2021, I am preparing a journal divided into 3 parts to follow closer Mercury retrograde period in Air Signs inviting our mind to generate ideas + we can follow in more detail 2021 that Jupiter will be in Aquarius until April then moves to Pisces in May and then retrogrades back to Aquarius and in part 3 Jupiter goes direct.

  • Part 1 Jan to April 2021; It will be ready for delivery mid-January .The purpose of the Journal is to put pen to our thoughts with the breeze of Mercury in Retrograde in Aquarius + Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.It will be posted by express post as a booklet = Cost $45.00 including the postage! Would you like yours? send me an email

I will keep the calendar grid personalised for each month in tune with the Moon plus a summary page of each month with inner planets movements = Sun (motivation), Moon(emotions)  new Moon and full moon, Mars, and Venus inspirational quotes + Mercury Rx message personalised for you to focus!

It includes:

  • A page for the Sun travelling each sign monthly, and it will include the message for you to address your motivation.
  • Weekly inspirations related with the Moon and guidance to journal your thoughts.
  • Venus page per Month to align with Venus and Mars also a page for Mars when it changes signs (every 2 months approx.).

NOTE: If journaling is not for you…. You can purchase 4 months grid calendar personalised, I can send it to you Cost $20.00 printed and sent by post!

Send an email to to order yours!

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