Saturn in Sagittarius in retrograde while Sun in Aries is sending trantums

Saturn turns Retrograde (close to earth) to reorganise our plans!!!! “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”  – Allen Saunders.

From Today Saturn gets close to earth until August 25, 2017. Annually Saturn offers us this opportunity to check the bases of our projects and re-organise our priorities. In Astrology, Saturn acts as an inner voice that tells us what to do or not to do…as well as relating to the experience of working hard with discipline… It relates to Freud’s =Super Ego in Psychology.

Therefore with Saturn close to Earth emanating energy from the sign of Sagittarius our wisdom is getting Saturn’s call to ask ourselves questions regarding our goals and how are we going with our plans.

On the other hand, the Sun represents the Ego. The Sun is travelling through the sign of Aries. We are talking here about the young fire… and with Saturn in Sagittarius we are talking about the wise fire from embers…

Interestingly the sun has been sending flares – it is making its tantrum. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation that can disturb the atmosphere creating some trouble in our communication. But for me we need to be mindful with our anger… fears…. that weaken our energy fields to Love and to be creative…

With the MOON in LEO from today and until Friday midday we need to be alert and identify NEGATIVE EMOTIONS before we “flare them out”…remember Moon in Leo is creativity…and fun…and joy, so use the fire energy in this way!

It is time to be clear in our priorities…Be strong but at the same time gentle so we don’t attack our will… P.S. I just saw Venus (5:49 am) in the beautiful dawn this morning…

Have a lovely day
© Cecilia Lugo Anderson


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