Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Pisces

This weekend we are under the Balsamic Moon Phase in Aquarius preparing for the Annular Eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces(-1) in QLD / NT (-) 1½ and WA (-3hrs) Australia.

It closes a chapter of approximately 18 years (Wow!)… Each eclipse has its history and is related to another. The periodicity and recurrence of eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours). It was known by the Chaldeans (ancient Mesopotamians) as a period in which Lunar Eclipses seem to be repeated, but the cycle is also applicable to Solar Eclipses – (Read more at NASA!)

In my photo I want to pass on to you what this moment is in our lives. A path that has a node in the center… we may feel a moment of darkness when we don’t know what to do… But this is a portal that leads to an intersection…. Solar Eclipses are a call to pay attention to a specific side of our life before taking a new Directive.
Remember “In all chaos there is cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”. Carl Jung

Today: we all should have quiet times to reflect and every time you have a chance visualise everything that does not do you good …running it out of your body! Let go of what is no longer useful and has end its cycle in your life and things and people that don’t let you connect with your dreams …goodbye demons!

Venus stops on March 4 and begins its walk through the path already travelled by the sign of Aries until arriving at the last degrees of Pisces. (Retrograde period near our planet Earth). Its transformation happens behind the Sun so we will not see Venus for a while in our sky and when it returns to its direct movement It will light our dawn.  This year we have Venus in Aries (sign after Pisces in our zodiac), from February 3 to April 2 – focusing on a specific area of our lives so that we work on our own value.

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© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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