Sun and Mars in Sagittarius form a challenge with Saturn in Pisces

The Sun changes to Sag and it forms a challenge aspect to Saturn. This is a quick transit however it may be related to something we thought we have learnt and we have not… The Moon meets the North Node of the Moon and opposes the south Node, recalling an experience from the past to address our path correctly and Mars changes to Sagittarius and forms a challenge to Saturn too.  

Many interpretations could be assessed but the one I would like to share with you is: you have an opportunity to bring out the best inside of you, looking at your wounds with love… We have all lived through a complicated year in one way or another… Some directly and others through a loved one … Saturn is now showing us reality.

When this type of challenge happens in Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to learn from what may happen and see the future as an opportunity to create something better!

Be inspired by Michelangelo Buonarotti’s

Tell me, oh God, if my eyes really see the faithful truth of beauty; or if beauty is in my mind, and my eyes see it wherever they turn.

Michelangelo created a young, fit David from an abandoned broken piece of Marble. Michelangelo believed that the sculptor was a tool of God, not creating but simply revealing the powerful figures already contained in the marble. Michelangelo’s task was only to chip away the excess, to reveal. Therefore Michelangelo avoided the fractures and cracks left by previous artists who had worked in the broken marble and adapted the leg pose using the contrapposto technique – placing the weight on one leg, while the other leg is slightly bent to create balance.

Venus in Libra forms harmony with Mercury in Sagittarius

Venus in Libra represents for me this balance that we must create in our lives and, with the smile between Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, we can do the same: bring out the best in ourselves through our wounds…

Let’s accept the invitation of Mercury in harmony with Venus and visualize something beautiful that we want in our life. The Moon in Aries contacts the north node of the Moon, helping us in this and, Mercury, the messenger of the gods who also forms harmony with the nodes of the moon, sends us his message in a symbolic way… Be aware of the symbols, I got yesterday a very nice insight from a wise man.

Be your best and bring out your brilliant future. Much Love Cecilia!!

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