Sun in Aquarius – January 20 – February 18 – Happy Birthday!!!

From tomorrow January 20,2017 @8:25 am the Sun travels through Aquarius elevating our objectives collectively to work with fraternity and solidarity, and also influencing us towards things that break the routine.

With the Sun in Aquarius until late night of February 18, 2017 the universal sense of things are awakened such us ideals, friendship, the humanitarian spirit with freedom to be able to think outside the box and find solutions to progress as a society.

Under the influence of Aquarius we can develop a great capacity for synthesis, which gives a tendency to accept divergent ideas that are then processed, generating new ideas or concepts, which come from a fusion of all those divergent ideas.

Aquarius is the Air Element / Fixed Modality sign also known as the water bearer because it pours knowledge into the world! Uranus, the awakening planet is the natural ruler of this sign in Modern astrology and in the traditional Astrology, Saturn, the Wise One & Lord of Time. 

Key Phrase: “I KNOW” & Key Word: TRUTH

We have a great month to develop free thinking, innovation, modernity, and to cultivate tolerance, open up to unusual knowledge and alternative sciences, as well as new technologies.

 My favourite Aquarian is my youngest son who fills up my life with humour, insight, and surprises showing me a better world. Happy Solar Return to all Aquarians!!!

Have a beautiful Month!!!

With the Sun in Aquarius we celebrate St Valentine’s Day

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