Sun – Chiron together in Pisces

The Sun  in Pisces ♓️meets the Healer Teacher Chiron today March 15, 2017 bringing a powerful energy to heal a wound related with our individuality and the need to do something “solo”. This meeting under VenusRx close to earth (Retrograde) in Aries♈️, – the sign of individuality =“I am”; and Venus is inviting us to build confidence and self-worth… That’s the synchronicity of the Universe.

We all sometimes have had the time to feel alone in one way or another… Why because there are things that nobody can do for us and we require courage to do it. It reminds me when I came to Australia and I needed to “fit in”. It was just difficult to go for shopping… order food ? and communicate but nobody could do it for me …

At that time I thought that life could be easier and If I only needed to follow a plan: wake up, have breakfast, go to work, work, eat lunch, work, go home, have dinner and go to sleep to start again tomorrow.

BUT we feel… we have a heart … and we need to feel alive!

WE NEED TO LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS TO FEEL ALIVE. And when we do that we connect with our one self.

Here I leave you with beautiful words from Hazrat Inayat Khan I have taken from the book “Seven thousand ways to Listen” by Mark Nepo:

The Heart Must be Tuned

“It is the attainment of harmony that is called heaven, and the lack of it that is termed hell… The harmony of life can be learned in the same way as the harmony of music… As with everything else in a person’s life, there comes a change in voice with every step forward in spiritual evolution. [And also ] every experience is an initiation… Any pain or suffering is a preparation, and just as one must first tune a violin to play it, so the heart must be tuned in order to express wisdom”.

Developing courage to face our days listening to our hearts is the way to enjoy our days and feel alive?

Have a beautiful day © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
See you on March 25 @ 9:15 am to take a journey with Venus highlighting Self-worth.

For more information about the Workshop please check out this link:


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