Sun in Capricorn – Happy Solstice

Today 22.12.22 – Palindrome number and lucky one for me and many other people 😊 we say goodbye to the Sagittarius Season and welcome the Sun in Capricorn that marks the Summer Solstice in Australia!!

Yesterday, Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System and the King of Kings in the Mythology and in Astrology invites us to grow and expands our horizons with knowledge to be confident in ourselves entered into Aries.

Welcome the Solstice inviting the light within to shine – 22.12.22 at 8:48 am in Sydney, Australia

Pause…and breath…connect to your Heart.  Then…create something new that is related to the area in your birth chart where all this is happening by first planting it during the New Moon including a plan to achieve it. Then we review our plan (Mercury will start its retro period as it is getting close at the end of the year + Mars is retrograde too… ) I am working on my January 2023 Astro-guide to inspire your thoughts!! Send me an email to if you would like to order it.

Traditions relates to Capricorn – Earthy and Cardinal sign.

For me today 22.12.22 is the day to connect with the spirit of the light that fills up our heart with joy!! We connect with angels asking from our heart 21 wishes: 7 for our planet and world, 7 for our community and surroundings, 7 for our family and ourselves

The Sun reaches its highest point here in Australia today – bringing the holiday season for all of us to start our holiday season

Friday 23 Dec 2022 we have the New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn New Moon 23.12.2022 at 9:16 pm Sydney, Australia

Happy Solstice everyone to welcome the Capricorn Season!!! Much love Cecilia

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