Sun in Sagittarius & Moon in Leo – Fire Motivation

We start this week 12 -18 December 2022 with a nice fire motivation between luminaries – Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo invites us to do things we like to do! I had a great day and I finally had the chance to book a hair massage to connect with the Moon in Leo. 

Mercury is getting closer to Earth… Pre-Shadow / Pre-Retrograde time. We are Counting down almost 13 days to Christmas day!! On 29th of December 2022 Mercury will start a Retrograde period and we better close projects and finish ideas as soon as possible to be able to focus on our holiday season to change direction in the coming year 2023.

We are under the energies of leadership!

The Sun in Sagittarius will have some conversations in our sky with Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces plus next week will challenge Jupiter (planet ruler of Sagittarius ) before the Sun changes to Capricorn and Jupiter changes to Aries.  If we put effort we can finish projects with the Sun smiling to wise Saturn  but we need to keep ourselves motivated with the Sun and Neptune challenge.  

The Moon won’t like much to face Saturn… but if we speak from our heart adding a bit of sugar to our duties… The Moon in Virgo may help us to organise better what needs to be done.

I am working on the January 2023 AstroGuide for $10.00 and, if you would like I include an overview of 2023 you add $10 more Send me an email to if you would like your copy sent by email on the first week of January 2023 – to organise myself. Total AUD$20.00 with a personal message for January 2023 to deal with Mercury Retrograde.

Monthly Astro-Guide

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By the way I love Bottlebrush for this holiday season to decorate our Aussie table! It is flowering now, and it not only makes a great table decoration, but also is a nice  potted gift that can later be planted in the garden attracting beautiful birds.

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo

Have a wonderful week! Much love Cecilia

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