Sun in Scorpio – Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Scorpio! October 23 – November 22

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and the second group of signs under the water element. Water is emotional energy!!! Its modality is fixed and its ruling planet in modern astrology is Pluto, and before this planet was discovered in 1930, it was Mars. For this reason, both planets are important when analysing the energy of the sign of Scorpio. Their astrological figure is the scorpion but is also associated with the phoenix that emerges from the ashes…

With the Sun in Scorpio we have 30 days to work with the qualities of Scorpio…

  • Boost courage and strength and overcome obstacles
  • Unleash our passions following our intuition
  • Engaged with someone to do something with dedication and loyalty.
  • See under the surface to find out what really happens…
  • People born with any planet in Scorpio but overall Sun or Moon in Scorpio, love the mysterious and the secret side of life attracts them.

Their perceptions and feelings are deeper than words. Also, they are emotionally complex and intensely private, so it is not easy to know and understand them, they carefully select who to let into their inner world…. So they don’t get so hurt that is the reason people born with Sun in Scorpio defend… to protect their inner world! When they are hurt they defend.

We have an excellent time to work with healing and forgiveness that is the learning side of this loyal sign…

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